Why Christian Futurism (aka ‘Left Behind’ theology) isn’t necessarily Escapism

When discussing the future from a Christian worldview, especially when commenting on Bible prophecy, there are some critics of Christian futurism who belittle it as mere Escapism. For example, Micah Redding, founder and President of the Christian Transhumanist Association, said the following during his presentation, “What is Christian Transhumanism?”, during the first annual Christian Transhumanist […]

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What does Christian Transhumanism mean?

It’s helpful sometimes to define terms do that everyone is on the same page. The Oxford Dictionary defines transhumanism as: “The belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.” The question for many Christians who affirm the historical veracity of […]

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Robots in Worship

Plastics manufacturer Nissei Eco introduced Pepper in 2017 at Tokyo’s annual Life Ending Industry Expo — Japan’s largest trade show for everything funeral-related. Funerals are costly in Japan, where it costs about 550,000 yen (~$5,030) just to hire the services of a Buddhist monk. Pepper was proposed to administer last rites for a much more […]

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